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Commodities and merchandise of US imports from +240 varied geographic markets. US consumer markets usually receive inbound shipments or moving along global supply lines coming accross national borders. Being the world’s third-ranked (right after the EU and China) import-export giant of intermediate goods, by value, the US takes the largest share of global imports overall.
Import Radar’s US import trade data can uncover the who, what, when and where from the workings of this global economic engine with the rest of the world.

US Olive Oil Imports in 2016 by Metric Tons

Olive Oil US monthly total trend

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  • Launched online: original US import transaction records, just a day after getting them from US Customs. Our US import data is the first available, anywhere.
  • Bills of lading on file are collected directly from the ocean carriers with CBP.
  • ISO-certified data center to ensure a strong bond with the highest standards for accuracy and reliability.
  • 6-day processing cycle: we enhance original bills WITH added-valued fields – country of origin, place of reception, type of container and size, plus NVOCC/VOCC ID – to optimize your time.

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  • Great choice of variables, filters and browsing controls, easy to perform any complex search.
  • Do your own search queries, then preview search results, whether by trade groups, origins or destinations, monthly totals and lots more.
  • Narrow down bills of lading which highlight the statistics.
  • Downloadable insights to Excel spreadsheets for additional analysis.

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  • Scope and deeply look at future trading partners.
  • Unlock selling resources for your products or services.
  • Follow your own shipments.
  • Source alternative supplies.
  • Handle hassle-free supply chain risks.
  • Comptetive edge with business intelligence.
  • Evaluate trade irregularities, such as black market transactions, shipments deviations, IP infringements.