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What are the key differences between each plan?

Each of the subscription plans differs based on the specific features offered based on the needs of many of our users. The Basic plan is designed for users who are looking to get information on specific companies. You’ll also have the ability to download into Excel, and you’ll still receive the same great customer service as with any other plan. The primary difference between the Premium and Platinum plan is the date range of shipment data you have access to. The Plus plan allows you to search the previous year’s shipment data while the Premium plan gives you access to 9 full years of shipment data.

Is there a way to upgrade my account later?

Yes, you can upgrade your account type at any time. If you would like to add any, or ALL, of our countries shipping data you can do so at any time. You can also upgrade your account at any time to gain access to the date range in order to get a more in-depth analysis of your shipping data.

Exactly what sort of data will I get with my subscription?

Import Radar provides detailed ocean freight import information from the Bill of Lading for each shipment entering 56 countries, including U.S.A. import and export data shipping records. The Basic and Premium plans give users access to our U.S. shipping database with the option to add any of our other ‘foreign’ databases. The Enterprise plan gives users nearly unlimited access to our shipping database as well as the option to add any of our other ‘foreign’ databases.

Where does the data come from?

Our data contains import information from the bill of lading for shipments entering or leaving 56 countries. For the U.S., we get this shipping data for shipments entering the country by ocean directly from manifests, respecting price figures and personal name due to U.S. policy. This raw data is provided directly to us and consists of all available information on the bill of lading for each shipment entering a port via ocean and is considered public record. For the EU and other countries, we offer a mix of import and export data, for both air, sea, and land shipments.

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