Procoldext Sas

Procoldext Sas is an importer from Colombia that imports from Synergy Industry Co Ltd Transportation Type: Maritimo.


Track the international shipping activities of Prodoldext Sas worldwide and gain uprecedented information of the import-export industry.

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Procoldext Sas is an importer from Colombia that imports from Synergy Industry Co. Ltd. Transportation Type: Maritimo.

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Our shipping manifest databases helps you identify genuine suppliers by giving you access to their real shipping histories and customer lists.

Our real-time data access makes it easy to identify, qualify and connect with importers and exporters. If you’re selling a product or service to importers, your sales and marketing teams need access to our targeting tools.

Whether you’re engaged in global trade or sell to companies overseas, our easy to use application will ensure sucess to your overall strategy.

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Whether you’re looking for new buyers & suppliers, monitor your current connections and competitors, research companies and markets, or even find companies in a country or area to target for your business – our radar is the perfect tool for you!

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IMPORT RADAR™ gives you real-time access to genuine trade records for importers and their suppliers.It lets you search ocean freight imports by product, company name, port, and shipment date, using shipping databases from Customs agencies in +56 ports.


We reveal the trading activities of importers and exporters around the world.

IMPORT RADAR™ can help you find reliable new trading partners, monitor your competitors’ shipments, and keep an eye on your current suppliers and customers. For each shipment, you get detailed information about the importer and exporter, plus the product description, date and dozens of other data points.

Sourcing Professionals.

Use our service to view shipping histories for suppliers.

We provide access to detailed customs records, letting you verify suppliers’ true shipping volumes and U.S. customer lists. You can also look up your competing import firms to find where they buy their goods.


Competitive Intelligence Analysts.

Use our service to learn where rivals source products.

We give clear insights into the importing volumes, new product releases, and broader competitive dynamics of your industry.


Sales & Marketing Teams.

Use our service to generate sales prospects.

We give you the tools to target importers based on product type, location, shipping volumes, and more.


Financial Analysts.

Use our service to monitor public companies’ imports.

We offer rare data on the success or failure of new product launches, shipping trends and other operating data for companies in any industry.



After collecting the ocean freight bill of lading for imports in our database, IMPORT RADAR ™ provides unprecedented access to near real-time information on virtually every industry and company importing goods to worldwide ports.

Fields available for some shipments & countries

  • Importer and Brand
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Contact Name

Data fields List

Datafield List

  • Consignee
  • Consignee  Address
  • Shipper
  • Shipper Address
  • Product Description
  • Gross Weight
  • Number Of Units
  • Volume
  • Arrival Date
  • Foreign Port
  • Country Of Origin
  • International Port
  • Carrier Code
  • Voyage Number
  • Vessel Name
  • Ship Registered In
  • Bill Of Lading Number
  • Container Number
  • Marks & Numbers

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