We pursue strategies driven by the best global import-export trade data intelligence

We strive to work one-on-one with companies through a wide range of industries that operate on a global basis, not to mention trade associations, government agencies and NGOs. We assist them to analyze and apply the global import-export market intelligence most relevant to their core business strategies.
With our multinational databases we allow our customer gear their perspectives suavely from purchasing to selling as they identify and measure opportunities to enter new markets, target new customers, negotiate new supply sources, or bypass their competition.


Your profit as a business with our data sets

Check out how industries are already benefiting with our import-export trade data.
  • Manufacturing businesses use our global import-export intelligence to secure efficient solutions in supply and distribution, and scope out export markets.
  • Wholesalers & Importers cast our data to oversee supply flows disrupted by natural outcomes, man-made chaos or economic swings.
  • Transport & logistics companies benefit from our import-export data by planning services and allocating resources.
  • Consultancy Management profit with out global import-export trade intelligence, benchmarking performance and evaluating competitive fields.
  • Legal worldwide service providers account with our business tool when encountering issues in contract compliance by trading partners.
  • Industry analysts manipulate our import-export trade data to evaluate markets and forecast supply/demand trends in well-performing commodities.


Find new suppliers / Analyze markets / Track competitor’s shipments




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