Vast Asian Import-Export Trade Data

Get Insights on Buyers and Sellers around Asia’s Top 4 Economies (China, Japan, South Korea and India)

Need a hand as an import-export business in Asia? Our Import-Export Data is essential for tackling global market intelligence. Already shipping more than one-third of US imports and with all sorts of hubs and sources of supply, Asia’s four largest economies rank among the top 10 countries of origin for US inbound trade.


Image courtesy of: Council of Foreign Relations

Import Radar caters untapped Asia trade data to unlock market potential and forecast global business operations

  • Analyze key supply/demand trends in Asian markets.
  • Establish relationships with prospects, business partners and investors.
  • Identify and rank suppliers, distributors and contract manufacturers.
  • Reduce risks in supply chains using key insights foir your strategies and spread resources,
  • Make the best out of logistics and plan ahead for any disruptions.
  • Monitor your competitors and measure out their market activities.
  • Settle your sales and marketing strategies, develop goals for growth and investment with data-driven decisions you can trust.